Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Lip Care in Cold Weather

The health of the inside of our mouths depends a lot on the health of the outside. When people’s lips are chapped, they may also develop dry mouth or do more damage by biting down on irritated tissue. We don’t want our patients at Fresh Meadows Dental Care to be in that kind of distress this winter, so we wanted to provide some tips on lip care in cold weather.

Our lips get chapped because cold air cannot hold very much moisture. Nonetheless, efforts to wet our lips will be counterproductive because the moisture will evaporate, leaving them dryer than before. Unfortunately, people often temporarily soothe their skin by liking their lips or taking long showers. Children often fold their lips under their teeth, which could contribute to an open bite or cause their lips to become further bruised or cut.

Lip balm can seal in moisture, providing better protection. But some people are sensitive to fragrances and menthol, so when trying a new product, people have to be wary of whether their inflammation gets worse. If so, they should immediately stop using it. Another good strategy is to use humidifiers in the bed room and anywhere else one spends a lot of time in, such as an office. This will prevent the mouth from drying out, ensuring it remains at a pH level that is inhospitable to bacteria and can easily dispose of food debris.

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