Thursday, December 20, 2018

Retained Baby Teeth

Fresh Meadows Dental Care’s Dr. Farid Hakimzadeh is experienced dealing with all kinds of dental issues, including extractions and collaboration with orthodontists. For most people, this describes their childhood dental experience, but adults may need preparation for orthodontics, too, particularly if some of their baby teeth never fell out.

“Retained deciduous teeth” is the scientific way of describing stubborn baby teeth. In ordinary development, the incoming permanent tooth dissolves the baby tooth’s root, causing it to fall out shortly before the permanent tooth comes in. But in a small percentage of the population, some permanent teeth never develop. Most often, these are the lateral incisors in the upper jaw. There are also cases in which the permanent tooth comes in at the wrong angle and doesn’t cause its juvenile equivalent to fall out. This would result in a person having two sets of the same teeth, often jumbled together. The central incisors in the lower jaw are the ones this most often happens to.

Besides being aesthetically unpleasing, retained baby teeth can be difficult to clean if they’re jumbled and can cause bite problems. If the baby tooth roots aren’t fused to the jaw bone, we should be able to easily extract them. After that, we might refer a patient for orthodontic care to correct overcrowding or provide them with a partial denture to fill in the missing teeth.

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